Terms & Conditions

Tuttisheetmusic.com, hereinafter THE WEBSITE, is a website owned by JML S.A.S. (??), hereinafter THE COMPANY. Through the website, the Company offers its on-line services for users to purchase licenses to see and print sheet music.

These terms and conditions, hereinafter THE AGREEMENT, establish the legally binding terms for the use of THE WEBSITE. To access THE WEBSITE, you declare that you are an adult of legal age, for the legislation of your jurisdiction, and you accept that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this WEBSITE. If you cannot fulfill the conditions above, do not access or acquire the services offered by THE WEBSITE.


  1. To perform certain activities in THE WEBSITE, especially registration of songwriters and arrangers, and for the acquisition of our products, you must sign-up through an account in THE WEBSITE, and provide personal information as established under THE WEBSITE registration form. The person providing the information declares and guarantees that all the required sign-up information is accurate and true, and the owner of said information shall be responsible for updating the same. The information provided may be deleted at any time, or due to any reason, by contacting the Customer Service Department. You are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your log-in information and you are responsible for all the activities produced in your account. You agree to immediately notifying the Company about any unauthorized use or suspicion of unauthorized use of your Account, or any other type of security violation. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage derived from noncompliance of the requirements above.
  2. ORDERS AND PAYMENT. You, under the terms and conditions established herein, can purchase one or various licenses of any of the digital items offered in THE WEBSITE. You authorize the Company to charge your credit card or any other method of payment selected on our payment screen, for the goods acquired. The values paid shall correspond to those advertised on THE WEBSITE for the item and the corresponding taxes.
    1. Licensing. The Company assigns a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive license for each Item acquired from our WEBSITE.
    2. License Restrictions. The rights granted to you under this Agreement are subject to the following restrictions with regards to any Item provided. You shall not:
      1. Print more than one (1) copy of the Item for each unit of license of said Item purchased by you, as well as making any copy (in any means) of said printed copy, or otherwise which generates the reproduction of the Item.
      2. Modify or Create derivative works from any Item.
      3. Distribute, sub-lease, lease, loan or transfer the license to any other person.
      4. Every copyright notice or other property notices on any material provided through THE WEBSITE, must be kept in every copy of the same.
    3. Property. You accept and recognize that all the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, trade names and trade secrets, in THE WEBSITE, Services, Items, Applications and other material provided through THE WEBSITE, are exclusive property of the suppliers of the Company or of the Company. The Items or services provided through THE WEBSITE do not transfer any intellectual property rights of the same to you or any other third party. The Company and its suppliers reserve all the rights not granted under this Agreement. The Company does not grant implicit licenses under this Agreement.
    4. Software of third parties. If you inform about the need to employ a software of a third party to use this WEBSITE. That software of third parties shall be ruled by its own license contract provided by the licensor of said software of third parties and is not part of this Agreement.
  4.  NECESSARY EQUIPMENT. Those who acquire our products are solely responsible for ensuring that their computer, printer and related equipment are in optimum condition, and that they have the connection services required to access THE WEBSITE and to gain access to the Services. The Company shall not be responsible for the impossibility to print any Item, resulting from or related to your computer, printer and other peripheral items, or local or internet connectivity issues.
  5. Modification. The company reserves the right, under any reason and at any time, to modify, suspend or interrupt, fully or partially, THE WEBSITE and/or any of its Services or items, with or without prior notice. Remember that when purchasing the license of any item, you must immediately print the item.
  6. Privacy. The compilation of personal data and its use are in accordance with our Personal data protection and privacy policy. (See policy)
  7. Indemnification. You accept indemnifying and holding the Company, its officials and directors harmless from any liability, loss, damage or legal procedural costs arising from a claim or lawsuit performed by a third party due to the use of THE WEBSITE or the acquisition of the goods or services offered therein. Furthermore, this clause includes events resulting from a violation to this Agreement or violation of any Legislation applicable to THE WEBSITE.
    1. Sites and ads of third parties. THE WEBSITE may contain links to third party websites or services and announcements of third parties. Those third-party ads and sites are not under the control of the Company. Therefore, the same is not liable for their content or ads. The presence of these third-party ads and sites is only due to the results of reciprocal or economic agreements. Therefore, the company does not audit, review or is liable for their content. Access to the third-party ads and sites shall be performed under your sole responsibility. Also, they apply their own terms and policies, including data collection and privacy practices of the third party.
    2. Exoneration. You accept and release from any liability the company, its directors and employees, as a result of any act or dispute arising from, or directly or indirectly derived from, access to links from our WEBSITE, to third party ads or sites.
  9.  Waiver. THE WEBSITE, the services, the items, the applications and other material advertised therein, are provided as shown. The products or services presented are unique and there are no options on the same product or service.
  10. Limitation of liability. Under no circumstance shall the company be liable to you or to third parties for any economic loss, loss of data or items, or any indirect, consequent, incidental, special or punitive damages resulting from the application of these agreements or the use or incapability to use THE WEBSITE. The use of THE WEBSITE and the acquisition of our goods and services shall be executed at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data resulting from the same. Our liability for any damage arising from this agreement, or the use or incapability to use THE WEBSITE, or the acquisition of our goods or services, shall be limited at all times to the amount paid by you to the company for the item or service provided through THE WEBSITE. The existence of more than one claim shall not expand this limit. You accept that the suppliers of the company shall not be liable in any way as a result of this agreement.
  11. DURATION AND TERMINATION. The company may void this agreement, at any time and for any reason, at our sole discretion, including any use of THE WEBSITE, Services or items offered therein. After the termination of this agreement, your account and all the licenses granted to you by this contract shall be immediately cancelled. The Company will not be liable in any way for any termination of this Agreement.
  12. Technical support. You acknowledge and accept that the Company shall have no obligation to provide support or maintenance to you with regard to THE WEBSITE, the Services or the items offered through THE WEBSITE.
  13. Changes to the Agreement. This agreement shall be subject to occasional review without prior notice. If we perform changes to the agreements, the Company shall be free to notify about the changes through email and/or post the same on THE WEBSITE. Any change in this Agreement shall be applicable thirty (30) calendar days after its modification. For new users, the changes shall immediately enter into force. You are responsible for keeping us updated of your most recent email address. In every case, the permanent use of our WEBSITE, or the acquisition of goods or services, shall indicate acknowledgment of those changes and the agreement, and of being subject to the terms and conditions of those changes.
  14. Conflict resolution. Before contacting legal entities, the parties shall try to resolve any dispute or difference arising due to this Contract in a direct manner through the application of current conflict resolution mechanisms provided under the law such as conciliation, amicable settlement, transaction or the tribunal of arbitrage, notwithstanding the general mechanisms outlined under the Contentious-Administrative Code.
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