The beginning of the activities of Tutti Blog, we have the pleasure to announce that this space will have as a permanent special guest to Colombian Maestro Carlos Andrés Botero.

Maestro Botero will share with all of you the podcast that he used to do at his YouTube channel “Our music Podcast” and additionally will show very interesting articles for musicians, composers and general public.

Maestro Carlos Andrés Botero was born in Medellín Colombia, he is the musical ambassador and assistance conductor at Houston Symphony, co presenter at the Musically Speaking series of the Podcast on the Music at the Houston Symphony; Maestro Botero leads the orchestral program American Voices – YES ACADEMY in Lebanon and Iraq, advises the Sphinx foundation as a guest conductor and judge for the annual competition in Detroit Michigan. He is also the musical director of the concert series Lunada with the Mexican institute of Houston, co director of the orchestral program at the Aruba Symphony Festival & Academy in Oranjestad Aruba thus as conductor in residence and investigation coordinator of the Filarmónica Jove de Colombia (Youth philharmonic of Colombia) ensemble which he made the tour Fantástica 2017 as guest conductor.

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