How much commission will I be charged?

The composer or arranger decides the price for their work. Of this amount 75% goes to the composer and 25% to the site.

In what format do I send the scores?

They must be sent in PDF format. The score and the different parts can be sent separately or as a single file. If they are sent as a single file, it must be in the same order as they appear in the score, beginning with the score itself.

Do I need to register my artistic curriculum vitae?

This is optional. If you register your curriculum vitae, it must not exceed 1000 characters and must be sent in both Spanish and English.

Do I need to send the audio of the work in its entirety?

It must be sent in its entirety. The department responsible for auditing the work prior to its publication will verify that the scores correspond to the audio that has been sent. During this process the correct editing of the score will be verified. Once it has been approved it will be released to the public who will be able to hear a fragment of audio of at most 45 seconds in length.

Does my involvement with tuttisheetmusic.com come with a permanence clause or exclusivity clause?

There is neither a permanence clause nor an exclusivity clause. The artist may withdraw from the engagement at any time and is free to promote or sell their work through other channels.

How often are the composers paid?

Payments are made at the end of each calendar month if the amount to be paid exceeds USD$100. If the amount is less than USD$100, the payment will be postponed until the following month until it reaches a minimum of USD$100.

What currency is used for the sale of products offered by tuttisheetmusic.com?

US dollars (USD).

In what currency are the payments to the composers made?

Payment transfers to composers are made in US dollars minus the commission due to tuttisheetmusic.com. However, the cash payment to each composer will be effectuated by the intermediary (bank, money transfer company, etc.), in local currency according to the current rate of exchange.

How will I be able to check my sales?

Each composer will be given an access code for their personal account where they will be able to visualize their products, their sales figures, their payments balance and other statistics relating to their products.

Do the composers upload their work directly to the webpage?

No. A work may only be published for sale by the auditors. The auditor receives the work from the composer and only after the auditing process has been completed and the work has been approved, may it be published by the auditors.

What does the auditing process consist of?

The auditing department is made up of professional musicians who check, among other things, the correct editing of the works and consistency between the audio and the score. If the scores contain anomalies or the editing requires correction, the composer will be informed in order that they perform the required modifications. As soon as the work has been corrected, it is checked again by the auditor and published for sale immediately.

May the buyers listen to the complete audio of the work?

No, the buyers may only listen to a fragment of a duration not exceeding 45 seconds.

Who decides on the sale price of the scores?

The price is set directly by the composer or arranger. Tuttisheetmusic.com does not intervene in any    way in this process.

Does the buyer receive the product in its printed form?

No, tuttisheetmusic.com only sells products in digital form. Following payment a link is sent to the buyer’s email where they can open a PDF ready to download or print.

Can I sell study methods?


What is the potential market for tuttisheetmusic.com?

Tutti’s marketing strategy will concentrate on positioning the site particularly in the North American and European markets. In these markets there a strong buying culture for this type of product exists.  Nevertheless, alternative strategies will be put in place for remaining markets such as Latin America and Asia.